Veterinary Software for Humans

A new breed of veterinary software focusing on ease of use and flexibility.

Simple invoicing

Create invoices and enter payments with the click of a button. Auto-complete makes it easy to add frequently-used services, and highlighting lets you see at a glance which invoices have been paid and which remain open.

Client accounts are managed with a real double-entry system so you can keep on top of your dollars and cents.

Flexible Scheduling

Schedule appointments through a straightforward drag and drop interface. Assign doctors, clients, and patients in one screen. Use filters to highlight appointments by doctor.

The appointment calendar provides month, week, and day views, and personalized agendas so you always know what's coming.

Easy reporting

Reports are always available and always up to date. No need for separate report generation processes, or cumbersom print-outs.

Reports include income/expense and frequently used services.

Medical Records

Create standard physical exam reports, including objectives, assessments, differentials, and plan.

Records can be attached to invoices, and are part of the permanent patient medical history. Security and audit logging ensure medical records can only be created and amended by authorized personnel.